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GoldMine web import forms and GoldMine API programming, Automatic Web Update software

NETUpdate Suite -
GMGoldLINK™ a new GoldMine API wrapper and GoldFORM the GoldMine webimport form builder

   The home of Enigma NETUpdate automatic web update, GoldFORM and GMGoldLINK a GoldMine API wrapper

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GoldMine - Easily Manage Your Contacts!

GoldMine is the award-winning contact management and sales force automation solution.

GoldMine® Business Contact Manager takes your sales — and your business — to the next level with its team based, contact management. Professionals and Small Businesses can implement GoldMine Business Contact Manager out-of-the-box, enjoying the same benefits previously available only to larger corporations, but at a fraction of the cost and time to get your entire office up and running.

Manage Sales Opportunities

  • History Tracking - get instant visibility into all interactions with a customer.
  • Opportunity Management - see the status of all pending sales and potential revenue of entire pipeline.
  • WebImport - leverage the web to capture every lead that visits your site and then let GoldMine do all the follow-up, automatically.

Integrate with existing applications

  • Microsoft® Outlook
  • QuickBooks® Pro/Premier 2003 - eliminate duplicate entry and share data between GoldMine and QuickBooks using GoldMine Plus Accounting. Quickly and easily create estimates and invoices automatically linked to sales in GoldMine when you integrate with QuickBooks Pro. Imagine having a single, unified record for all of your customer transactions.

Improve communication

  • Automated Processes™ - let GoldMine send ongoing customer and prospect communication based on user-defined criteria.
  • InfoCenter - centralize, manage and simplify access to critical business information.
  • FREE Industry Templates - customize GoldMine for Financial Services, Insurance, Legal, Mortgage Lending, and Real Estate.

Analyze sales and marketing efforts

  • Sales & Quota Analyses - view forecasted sales, closed sales, and comparisons between sales and quota.
  • Leads Analysis - track responses to show which campaigns were effective.

Mobilize your information

  • Synchronization Wizard - keep calendar and contact information up-to-date on your PDA or laptop while you travel.

I have Put here a few GoldMine related tools and downloads for your use.

GoldFORM - This is an application that integrates to GoldMine and allows you to build powerfull web import forms - it will retrieve field names and lookup lists to populate your web forms.

GMGoldLink - a GoldMine integration API that allows a developer to access the GoldMine data with ease

Free Tools - A selection of Free Tools for you to download and use with many GoldMine systems.


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