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GoldMine web import forms and GoldMine API programming, Automatic Web Update software

NETUpdate Suite -
GMGoldLINK™ a new GoldMine API wrapper and GoldFORM the GoldMine webimport form builder

   The home of Enigma NETUpdate automatic web update, GoldFORM and GMGoldLINK a GoldMine API wrapper

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DBase Directory Location: GMBASE
Table Description: Documents available for merging.

Table Indexes
Name DBase Index SQL Index ID

Table Relationships

Table Fields Structure
Field Name Field Type Length Description
RECTYPE String 4 Position 1 is type of document – Form (from Document Management Center), Literature (from Literature Fulfillment Center), E-mail Template.
Position 2 is typically blank.
Position 3 is the Document Type (Position 1=’F’).
1=Document, 2=Spreadsheet, 3=Envelope, 4=Label.
USERID String 16 Characters 1-8=Username/Owner of document. If blank, document is public.
Characters 9-16=Sort order for this document.
FLAGS String 10 Document Management flags indicating No (0) or Yes (1).
Position Description
1 Link To Doc,
2 Save History,
3 Allow Hot Link,
4-6 Appear to be saved for later use and are always 000.
TEMPLATE String 80 Document directory and file name.
FORMDESC String 40 Document description
APPNAME String 20 Application and version (i.e. Word.Document.8)
MACRO String 50 Macro used when launching application and document
LINKEDDOC Memo - Several parameters, each separated by two tildes (~~) before and a line feed (ASCII 10) after.
Parameters include: SYNC={0/1 – No/Yes},
CREATETIME=YYYYMMDDHHMM, FILENAME={Full path of directory and file name}.
RECID String 15 Record ID


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