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Welcome to IRCDominatorXT™

(Updated 15/06/2004)

IRCDominatorXT Box

IRCDominatorXT™ was a chat room manager, it was written with the sole intention for myself and other chat room hosts to manage and control their rooms from disruptive guests. IRCDominatorXT™ is NOT written for use to cause disruption.

This information is left here for a bit of nostalgia more than anything, this project took up alot of my time and I really enjoyed creating it. It was used my many thousands of users all over the world. It was such a shame when MSN closed down, but things change!

Some of the features that would of been included in future release of IRCDominatorXT™

  • Sleeper option - Using 2 rooms of the 5 available to you 1 will be set to tell the main host when to kick a guest if a porn bot whispers it.
  • Respond to Invites - Will enable you to join a room from an Invite.
  • Room Limit Protection - Set the room limit to a selected amount after joins and departs
  • Kicks for Long Nick Names - Speaks for itself
  • Customizable Quick Kick Buttons - Add custom messages on a quick kick button.
  • Allowed to whisper list - When your whispers are off this will enable you to setup a list of nicks or gates that are allowed to whisper you.
  • Close All whisper windows - Option to close all open whispers at the click of a button.
  • Mode and Topic Lock - Will set back modes to your specified settings if they are changed by another host/Owner
  • Auto Idle set Away - Set a time that you would like to set yourself away automatically.
  • Time Check flood protection - Will ignore or Kick if Time checked to often
  • Kick for any PING - If your hosted you will be able to kick the user if they PING
  • Kick for Version Check - If your hosted you will be able to kick for VERSION check
  • Kick for Ident Check - If your hosted you will be able to kick for IRCDominatorXT™ ident check
  • Chat window Background colour change - Choose your background colour (NOTE: if font is same colour as background it will be altered to be readable.
  • WHOIS window - Option to view WHOIS information for users.
  • Room status window - Option to view the room creation details.
  • Extended Access maintenance - Giving you the ability to make manual entries in the access list much easier.


If you feel like making a donation to support me in the continuation of new and more advanced features in IRCDominatorXT™. please feel free to make donation using paypal - any amount I will gladly accept and in doing so will fund my late nights with lots of coffee and crisps.



You use IRCDominatorXT™ at your own risk, I take no resposibility for its use in whole or in part. Its a free application and as such you as users have no rights to claim for loss or damage to your system in the event such problem(s) arise.


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